Criminal justice is a system of policies and organizations used by national and local governments to maintain social control, prevent and regulate crime, and penalize those who break the law. Law enforcement like- police and prosecutors, courts, defense attorneys, and local jails and prisons are the central agencies charged with these duties, which oversee the procedures for arrest, charging, adjudication, and punishment of those found guilty. The need for criminal justice administration arose from the state's decision to impose the high standard of human conduct required to protect people and communities. It seeks to fulfill its protection goal through enforcement by reducing crime risk and apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, and sentencing those who violate rules and laws promulgated by society. The purposeful administration of criminal justice cannot be effectively implemented without proper orientation at all levels and the coordinated functioning of all three agencies involved in this process, i.e., the police, the criminal courts and the correctional administration consisting of the prison service, the probation service and the correctional agencies only when this vital coordination is secured at all stages and at all levels, will it be possible to achieve the real purpose of the crime prevention by the reformation and the rehabilitation of the criminals.